Angie and Herman have a stunning vibrant connection. We did their pre-wedding shoot in JHB Town and had a fabulous time. So in love and excited, we count the days to their BIG Day!


I have been shooting Little Mariella since birth and what a pleasure it was to be part of this families life for the past year. A true blessing.  She very tastefully smashed her cake and enjoyed the bath after.  Stay always so sweet little Princes ..

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The hardest job I ever had next to a sports field was being a goalie mom of not one, but two girls.  I admire their willingness to stand in the net and be the last line of defense. Emotions next to that field was gigantic from shouting and screaming to jumping for joy.  Being the first goalie season for both my girls, this household did not know what was COMING…nor did the girls see the ugly side of mom..acting like a lunatic when that ball is heading straight for my precious baby…o gosh….i would turn around and run without looking back… you know how fast that ball gets hit to the post?   I stand behind the post when they play..and boy…its grueling.

Watching your child full of confidence or with slumping body language when the save was not made. it’s heartbreaking.  Worst of all, it’s the looks of sympathy you get after your child had a bad game. That tilted head, sad eyes through the cage…saying MOM please help……and the  look from the other parents who are thanking God their child isn’t the goalie.  But building their confidence back up after the game is my job. Convincing them that they did the best they could and that is all that matters.  View full post »

Today we can officially wave goodbye to the winter blues and welcome -warmly-the arrival of spring!  We were lucky to have the most amazing show of blossoms in the park for this maternity shoot..and it was so beautiful. Kalpana was radiantly beautiful while her proud husband was smiling staring at his beautiful wife.

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spring is in the air

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Charné brought Leilah for a couple of pics in the same dress that her mom photographed her in 24 years ago..HOW amazing is this,,and I have to admit,,it looks like the exact same are truly amazing.


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Precious sitter age

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