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Who am I…well…a photographer, a mother,,a wife…A Passionate women…..bla bla bla..but..what you are really interested to hear is why I have a LOVE AFFAIR with my camera and LIFE and how that impacts your life.  I’m all about the RAW unplanned moments in life the excitement of things that makes us love life and each other..those you hardly notice…and  surely will forget because although its there its very difficult to capture in your heart. I’ll capture your story, your emotions between your family and friends for years to remember.

Some useless info about me,,,Coffee, well we all have a drug..right…I cannot function  without it…my girls….love them to BITS although we drive each other dilly some days, 3 girls under one roof..well that is fun I can assure you ?…and my JOB..well that’s if you want to call it a Job..I call it a obsession,  MY ADDICTION.   Living life and absolutely making EVERY day count is what makes my creativity flow.  Realizing that we are on borrowed time and If I leave tomorrow I want to leave a mark a memory in your album of life FOREVER.

My strengths lay in relating to people in a real honest way, I fit in easily and work comfortable in any situation. Telling your story through my lens would be an honor.

(thanks to my friend for my pic..love it and you! Karla Pretorius)

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