Charné brought Leilah for a couple of pics in the same dress that her mom photographed her in 24 years ago..HOW amazing is this,,and I have to admit,,it looks like the exact same are truly amazing.


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Precious sitter age

My little niece had her 1st birthday cake smash,,and she was supper cute. Copying everything her older two sisters tell her to do. But when they started singing Happy Birthday,,the dancing moves came out. Its amazing that little ones can hardly walk, but dancing is so natural.

cake smash photoshoot; first birthday photoshoot

Chloe’s cake smash

Chloe’s cake smash



our new range of backdrops have arrived and im supper  excited! Well be launching minis in the nearby future which will be very specific in terms of what to wear etc. AS this do determine the success of the outcome.  Let me know your thougths on these..


how gorgeous was little Gia…i could just eat her up.  Thanks Robynne-Ashley Rutenberg Hauptfleisch

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